Advanced market analysis

Unlocking the power of informed decision-making is a powerful tool to form meaningful marketing campaigns that work. As a marketing professional, I bring a wealth of expertise in B2B and B2C market research to the table, arming you or your team with my knowledge of customer behavior, tools and trends needed to navigate the competitive landscape and seize opportunities.

Market mastery with my proven research methodology

my market analysis service is meticulously designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your target markets, enabling you to make informed and strategic choices.

The service encompasses a range of research activities, including trend identification, competition analysis, and opportunity exploration. I like to work closely with you to gain insights into your business goals and tailor a research plan that aligns with your objectives.

With experience in market research since 2020, I offer ongoing support and guidance, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities. Expect to gain a competitive edge, improved decision-making, and enhanced market positioning.

What I offer:

  1. Trend Identification: I delve deep into specialized and niche market trends to uncover valuable insights to guide your strategies.
  2. Competition Analysis: I assess your competitors, their strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning, providing a highly valuable strategic advantage.
  3. Opportunity Exploration: I identify uncharted opportunities within your target markets, helping you document and seize growth prospects.
Starter package 01
Market Insight Starter
  • Market Trend Identification
  • Competition Analysis (Up to 3 competitors)
  • Opportunity Exploration
  • Research Report

25 hours.

Project package 02
Market Explorer
  • Everything from Package 1
  • In-Depth Trend Analysis
  • Comprehensive Competition Analysis (Up to 5 competitors)
  • Target Audience Research
  • Customized Strategic Recommendations
  • Research Report with Detailed Insights

65 hours.

Interim package 03
Market Dominator
  • Everything from Package 2
  • Advanced Market Trend Projections
  • Extensive Competition Analysis (Up to 10 competitors)
  • Market Segmentation Analysis
  • In-Depth Opportunity Mapping
  • Market Entry Strategy Consultation
  • Ongoing Market Monitoring and Updates
  • Detailed Research Report with Actionable Strategies

120 hours.

Requirements for the advanced market analysis service:

  • Access to Relevant Data: Provide access to any existing market data, customer data, or industry reports that can assist in the analysis.
  • Clear Business Goals: Clearly communicate your business goals, objectives, and areas of interest within the market to ensure the analysis is aligned with your strategic aims.
  • Target Market Information: Share information about the specific target markets or segments you want to explore and understand.
  • Competitor Information: Provide details about your competitors, including their names, websites, and any available data about their products, services, and market positioning.
  • Collaborative Engagement: Be available for discussions and collaboration throughout the analysis process to provide insights and feedback.
  • Data Sharing: Be willing to share relevant data and information about your business operations, customer demographics, and any proprietary data that can enhance the analysis.

Add ons:

  1. Market Expansion Report: Expand the market analysis to include additional geographic regions or demographics to identify growth opportunities beyond your current target market.
  2. Market Entry Strategy Development: Receive a comprehensive market entry strategy tailored to the insights gathered during the 02 analysis, providing a clear roadmap for expansion.
  3. Regular Market Updates: Receive periodic market updates and reports to stay informed about evolving market dynamics, ensuring your strategies remain relevant.
  4. Custom Data Gathering: Request specific data gathering activities, surveys, or interviews tailored to your unique needs for deeper insights.
  5. Market Workshop: Organize a workshop for your team to explore the analysis findings together and brainstorm actionable strategies based on the insights.

Please note that my clients have the flexibility to choose the package that best suits their needs and can also opt for additional services or adjustments to the packages as needed.

Why choose me?

As a young entrepreneur, I place immense importance on fostering enduring relationships to collectively ascend to greater heights with my network. This philosophy is reflected in my packages, which are meticulously crafted as holistic growth strategies rather than fragmented services. I leave no room for half-measures, aiming for comprehensive and sustainable growth.


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