Market Analytics

What I offer:

  1. Business Intelligence (BI) Strategy Development: Crafting BI strategies to harness the power of your data for informed decisions.
  2. SEO Optimization Guidance: Enhancing your online presence through effective SEO strategies.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Best Practices: Unlocking the potential of your website’s performance.
  4. B2B and B2C Marketing Strategies: Tailored approaches to reach your target audiences effectively.
Marketing Strategy Blueprint
  • BI Strategy Development
  • SEO Optimization Guidance
  • Advisory Session
  • Recommendations Report

€308 a day

Conversion Excellence
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Best Practices
  • Comprehensive Website Analysis
  • Customized Strategy Blueprint

€308 a day

B2B/B2C Mastery
  • Tailored B2B and B2C Marketing Strategies
  • Ongoing Advisory Support
  • Data Monitoring and Reporting

€308 a day

Optional Add-Ons:

  1. Free Strategy Assessment: A free initial consultation with potential clients where we can discuss your business goals and challenges. During this session, I provide high-level insights and outline the benefits of my advisory services.

What I Require from You:

  • Clear Objectives: Clearly define your business objectives and goals that you aim to achieve through consultation and advisory services.
  • Access to Data: Provide access to relevant data sources, marketing analytics, and any existing strategies or campaigns.
  • Collaborative Engagement: Be available for discussions and collaboration throughout the advisory process to provide insights and feedback.
  • Budget and Timeline: Have a budget in place for the advisory services and agree upon a timeline for the delivery of recommendations and reports.

These requirements are designed to ensure a collaborative and effective advisory process that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Why choose me?

Proven Expertise


Tailored Strategies


Transparent Reporting


As a young entrepreneur, I place immense importance on fostering enduring relationships to collectively ascend to greater heights with my network. This philosophy is reflected in my packages, which are meticulously crafted as holistic growth strategies rather than fragmented services. I leave no room for half-measures, aiming for comprehensive and sustainable growth.


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