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Think Mink.

Hello, I am a European impact marketer / data analyst from the Netherlands specialising in funnel creation, optimalisation and control with a focus on process automation.

Full Name

Mink Helwig


Arnhem, The Netherlands


Phone no.

+31 6 37 55 68 01

Mink Helwig, Hamburg

Deciphering data with a touch of humour

– About me

Born in 2001, Energetic and seasoned junior CRO & SEO marketer based in Arnhem, specialising in both B2B and B2C market research.

Marketing, to me, is about harnessing abstract concepts like dreams and needs through BI, formulas, and the implementation of the right mar tech-stack processes.

Fulfilling both consumer and business owners needs converges in optimizing communication and informative processes, preserving a personal touch. My focus lies in automating these processes while safeguarding the essence.

My prime focus resides in the optimization and automation of these processes while preserving a personalized touch. By working well in both teams as individually, I am able to competently learn and recreate scalable solutions that work.







From the internet to interest

Marketing & Sales assistent

Sales strategies
CRM management
New business opportunities

Marketing specialist

Strategic Marketing Planning
SEO and Website Optimization
Content Creation and Management
Team leadership

-2021- Present
freelance data analist/IT support

Technical support
Data analysis skills
Web design
Market and competition research
Social media management

-2021- Present
Freelance marketing specialist

Independent entrepreneurship
Technical support
Various marketing strategies
Market and competition research
Strategic Planning.
Project management
Marketing advice

Junior SEO Specialist

On-Page Optimisation
Link Building
Technical SEO audits

junior database marketeer

International project management
Database management
Creating reporting and KPI dashboards (SQL)
SEO and website optimisation
Data analysis

My Services

Advanced Market Analysis

Leveraging my specialization in B2B and B2C market research, I conduct in-depth analyses to identify trends, competition, and opportunities that form the foundation for strategic decision-making.

Data-Driven CRO Enhancements

Applying proven data-driven methodologies, I assess and optimize existing conversion rates to enhance online performance, yielding improved outcomes for clients.

SEO Optimization

With expertise in SEO, I dissect websites, craft keyword strategies, and fine-tune technical aspects to amplify search engine visibility and drive organic traffic.

Campaign Planning and Execution

My skills empower me to plan and execute campaigns based on deep-seated insights into consumer behavior and market trends, resulting in impactful marketing endeavors that resonate with the target audience.

Strategic Personalization and Automation

I prioritize delivering personalized marketing initiatives through strategic automation, enabling business owners to strike a balance between scalability and personalized engagement.

Consultation and Advisory

As an experienced marketing analyst, I offer clients guidance on apt strategies in both B2B and B2C realms, assisting them in making well-informed decisions that support their business growth and objectives.

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Get in touch

I am currently available to take on new projects, so feel free to send me a message about anything that you want to run past me. You can contact anytime.

+31 06 37 55 68 01

Steenstraat, Arnhem, The Netherlands